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99 Restaurant - 4 Fisher St, Foxboro, MA | REDNERD IT

99 Restaurant – 4 Fisher St, Foxboro, MA

99 restaurant reviews

99 Restaurant


We came here a few weeks ago but could not get a parking space. Parking seems very limited by the location. There is a hotel next door and there is no real street parking per say. On our second trip we were able to get a parking space. We went inside and waited 15 minutes to get a seat. Fairly nice staff took our name and gave us the beeper.



Shortly after we were seated the manager came by to tell us that our waitress will be there with us in a second. She came by a few minutes later and took our drink order. A juice a beer and a lemonade. Took about ten minutes before we saw our waitress again with a juice and the lemonade, she said my beer is “still being poured” – if you ask me, you can pour a 22oz beer one drop at a time in that time… anyway, another 10 or 15 minutes passed before I received the beer after the waitress stopped by a few times to remind me that my beer is “still being poured”.

At one of the times the waitress came by she took our order… a kids plate of pasta and tomato sauce, a lobster roll with French fries and a cobb salad. None of these things are cooked to order… they are mostly pre-made. It took an additional hour after my beer arrived for the food to come out. It took nearly two hours from the time we entered the place to the time we left for a simple dinner of mostly pre-made food.



The cobb salad was weird as it had corn on it. However the flavor and quality was pretty good. The lobster roll was much smaller than the one you see in the picture… small enough for the ‘truth in advertising’ may be hurt here. The kids meal (pasta with sauce) came in a bowl on top of the plate. The bowl was overfilled… recipe for issues with kids if you ask me.

Overall the food was fairly good quality.



The price was fair for the type of place it is.



Super slow service. Fair quality of food at ok price.


99 restaurant reviews99 restaurant reviews99 restaurant reviews