The beginning…

For as long as sales have existed a good salesperson can convince you that what they are selling is what you want to be buying. A good salesperson will have you convinced that the product they hold in their hand is superior to any other on the market in every possible category – and why shouldn’t you believe them, they are an expert right? The first rule of sales is ABC – ‘Always Be Closing’ the sale. The salesperson in the store stands to make money on the sale – why would you trust that what they have to tell you benefits you and not them? What you need is a party with no horse in the race.

For years a group of individuals like me have done countless hours of research only to buy something for ourselves or to provide an advice to friends, family and co-workers. We decided that the time we spend on research could benefit greatly our society as a whole. We do not ask you to blindly follow our advice – we simply state what we truly believe to be the best choices for a specific criteria. You trust what we say, but verify it as well to keep us honest.

Our pledge to you the reader: Our personal preferences will clearly be stated, but will play no role in deciding the best products. We will never, ever recommend a product just because a company offers us something. While we gladly accept donations and sponsorship we would rather go broke than to become a sock puppets.