Dr Elsey’s Kitty litter is serious business

I have three kitties… they are as happy as can be until you change their routine. Dr Elsey’s kitty litter is a life saver for me!

It all started when I first adopted the kitties and my local store sold a cedar based litter that was cheap and the cats loved it! One day the company that was manufacturing this litter closed and I was forced to first buy another brand, then another brand, then switch away from wood litter all together going from litter to litter – all while my cats refused to even go inside their potty all of sudden.

I stumbled across a bag of Dr Elsey’s Kitty Litter on Amazon after hearing a recommendation from a friend – it has been the best! The cats liked it right away. I knew I hit gold when after I first put it in, two of my kitties climbed right inside the potty while i was still filling it and started purring. It is like they were telling me – “finally!”.

Now was the time for the smell test. I let the cats go for several 3 days and still did not smell it. The litter clumps well and dehydrates the poops so that they don’t smell either.

The cats love using it, I love that I don’t need to go get it (as I set it up for automatic shipments)

I get this litter delivered through Amazon Prime on monthly basis. I get 3 bags for 2 months and it comfortably carries me (i also usually have a few extra bags in stock, just in case).

Give Dr. Elsey’s a try: https://amzn.to/3dcfxYt

Dr Elsey's Kitty Litter - ULTRA
Dr Elsey’s Kitty Litter – ULTRA