ASIA GRILL & SUSHI – 287 School St, Mansfield, MA




Asia Grill & Sushi is an Asian fusion place. They carry a wide variety of foods from different parts of Asia.

When we walked in, we were greeted at the door by an older gentleman that pointed towards the table where we were going to be sitting for our dine-in. Right away I noticed that several tables were not clean in the area where they were sitting us. These tables had no plates, but they clearly had some sauce and rice on them. The condition of the said tables did not improve as our meal continued. It seems like the staff was not really all that concerned about the cleanliness of the restaurant.



Wait staff we had were pleasant and helpful. The particular waitress we had was probably the best part of the entire experience. However, the bar was not exactly set high by any part of our visit.



Ordered wonton + hot & sour soup

The wonton soup tasted stale and wontons themselves felt dry inside. I was wondering why it tasted like this but the main course explained it further. The dough was dry and chewy even though it is in soup.

Asia Grill & Sushi in Mansfield MA

Ordered some Sushi as well as Nigiri

Sushi was very short on rice, barely 1 rice grain thick around the filling. The sushi rolls were falling apart when picked up chopsticks due to such small amount of rice and not enough sea weed. The filling was cut cucumbers and unagi (eel). Most of the roll filling was cucumbers. Barely any unagi (eel) was found in the roll itself. The price for this ‘roll’ was about $13.

Asia Grill & Sushi in Mansfield MA

Nigiri was ok… about $3 each

Ordered General Gao

Now we come to the real issue with this restaurant. The general gao was orange chicken (very orange) with some pepper added. The chicken WAS MICROWAVED! Some pieces of chicken had microwave burns (where pieces of chicken are hard in the middle). At nearly $14 for the plate, microwave chicken is unacceptable.

Asia Grill & Sushi in Mansfield MA



The price is ridiculous! The food quality is terrible and quantity is very small as well (not that you want a lot of terrible food). Considering that they reheat (microwave) food is not worth the price for ANY of the food we received.

$3.5o for each soup

$2.00 for a cup of luke warm tea

$13.00 for a roll of sushi that was sub-par in quality

$14.00 for a general gao chicken which is microwaved.



This place is the most terrible Asian fusion place I’ve been to in a long time. They should just do everyone a favor and close now and spare themselves the embarrassment of staying open while serving the poor excuse for food found at this establishment.

Do not visit this place unless you hate yourself and your wallet.


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