Welcome to Unbiased club


I have no horse in any race I present and that is the best way I can assure you that I am not feeding you a sales pitch on behalf of the product or company I am presenting at the time. I don’t get money for doing my reviews so if I don’t really love the product, I’ll tell you all about it as nobody is holding me by my wallet. The restaurants I go to don’t know who I am nor do I plan on introducing myself to any of them to get free stuff or better service – this way what I write is how you will get treated when you go.

For restaurants I plan on posting menu’s of places I either plan to go or have gone to already so that you have an idea of what to expect.

For item comparisons, my main point will be to derive a single choice or at least down to two top choices. I may also divide item comparisons into ‘best for the money’ and ‘best in class’ categories if it is warranted.