Zanies Rainbow Mice Cat Toys

My three kitties love a few toys, but are fairly unimpressed by most. A few years back I purchased Zanies Rainbow Mice Cat Toys in Cheese Wedge Display Box

The mice are brightly colored (easier to spot them when you are looking for them all over the house). They have a rattle inside to get the kitties attention, three inches long (with the tail), real fur and leather tails. The cats love the authenticity and hunt, toss and carry them around proud of their ‘kill’. One of my cats even enjoys playing fetch with these.

  • Authentic-looking rainbow-colored and furry with a rattle inside providing hours of fun and exercise
  • A healthy outlet for a cats natural hunting instinct
  • Cute faces with felt eyes and noses
  • Mice measure 3″ long, including tails
  • Withstands hours of play

These eye-catching rainbow fur mice provide hours of fun and exercise, and are a healthy outlet for a cat’s natural hunting instinct. Each Cheese Wedge Box contains 60 catnip-treated mice with fur covered bodies and felt noses and eyes. Mice are approximately 3″ long.